About Our Goodies

 As with all diets for your pet, these are an occasional treats and should not replace the regular diet.
 Always provide clean and fresh water for your dog.
 Our treats are baked fresh and has no undesirable or might be potentially harmful ingredients like chemical or preservatives thus it should be consumed within the date given.
 We recommend storage of biscuits and cookies in an air tight container, cakes with icing should be kept refrigerated and leave at room temperature approximately 10-15 minutes before feeding to your dog.
 Wheat and wheat by-products contain a naturally occurring protein called gluten. Some dogs are allergic to this protein. It is not that wheat is hard to digest, or wheat is not good for dogs, it is simply that some dogs have a reaction to gluten. Some people do as well.
 Milk and milk products contain lactose, a sugar found in milk. Some dogs may not be able to easily digest milk products. It is not because milk is bad for dogs; it is because some dogs do not have sufficient amounts of the enzyme lactase. Some people also suffer from this deficiency.

 We do provide other celebration cakes and always working on the new treats and cakes just for you and your dog! You can also customize our cake with message of your choice to suit your event or occasion. Some examples include: Congratulations, Best in Show, Welcome home or Get Well Soon.