About us

Before there were Kenji and Spencer, we never could have thought that having a dog or dogs in our case could be such a responsibility! Little did we know that these 2 little mischievous angels could make us fall in love head over heels with them too.

Kenji boy, the Shih Tzu, is very picky with his food right down to even the kind of treats that he likes.

 Spencer boy, the American Cocker Spaniel, who just could never seem to get enough of food, always begging for more. 

When I began to learn baking and baked my first butter cake, the 2 boys were sniffing up and down the house and Spencer was the faster one that found where the smell came from, he just sit in the kitchen and refused to come out! These are the usual sights in our house whenever there is something baking in the oven. 
Treats have become a small part of their diets and we want our boys to be able to enjoy a healthy fresh treats. We began to experiment with the recipes, ideas and making sure the ingredients are good quality, safe for the boys to eat. Every love and care has been given to bake these wonderful treats and goodies. It is also very important that the boys eat well; we want them to have the healthiest and longest lives possible with us.

Thus, the exciting idea of sharing with you the same healthy and wonderful treats that our boys have been enjoying. Please take your time to browse through our selection of goodies; we hope your furkids will love these goodies as much as our boys!

Jasey, Kenji & Spencer
P/S: This is our lil' girl, Bailey. The new baby girl in our family, she's a pure black labrador - who really really loves food!